BitcoinVend Token (BCVT) Exchange Listing Schedule

BitcoinVend is happy to announce our official exchange listing schedule.

Here we provide the dates, name the exchanges, and hopefully demonstrate that we want to build a large global community with strong trading opportunities for BCVT.

Each exchange listing will include marketing activities with each of their respective communities including giveaways and trading competitions in some venues.

Listing Schedule

BCVT is already trading on UniSwap and Bilaxy. In addition to these exchanges, we will be listed on the following exchange throughout May.

You can sign up for Bilaxy here.

Thursday 13th — Bitmart

Bitmart has over 600,000 daily users, 2 Million registered users and approximately 1 Billion dollars of daily trading volume across their pairs (as of 09/05/2021). They provide the ability for users to withdraw to fiat currencies and we will provide 2 trading pairs on Bitmart; BCVT/USDT and BCVT/BTC.

For more information about the Bitmart listing, see here. If you are not a user of Bitmart, you can sign up here.

The listing will be promoted to their entire user base, throughout numerous Telegram & WeChat communities and trading competition will run with 5,000 USD of BCVT awarded to the winner.

Tier-2 Exchanges

Tuesday 18th — HitBTC

HitBTC is one of the oldest exchanges, has approximately 2 Million users and over 3 Billion dollars of daily trading volume across their pairs (as of 09/05/2021).

We will several trading pairs on HitBTC including a stable token pair.

If you are not a user of HitBTC, you can sign up here.

Thursday 20th — is one of the most visited sites in the industry, is one of the most active crypto news portals and has a strong trading community with nearly 3 Billion in daily trading volume (as of 09/05/2021). will promote BCVT to the entire newsletter base of over 1 Million subscribers and carry out comprehensive marketing activities.

We will provide several trading pairs on including a stable token pair.

If you are not a user of, you can sign up here.

Additional Exchanges

Thursday 20th — VirgoX

VirgoX is an up and coming exchange with a community spread across Asia, South America & Europe. They offer a variety of great features such as savings, loans, vault (like staking), cloud mining and more. Their daily volume is increasing rapidly as their user base grows.

We will initially provide just a BCVT/USDT pair.

If you are not a user of VirgoX and wish to trade there, you can sign up here.

Larger Exchanges — To be confirmed

In addition to the confirmed listings, we have an application with a larger exchange and hope to be listed there in June however we cannot name them at this stage.

Market Making

All centralised exchanges will be supported by professional industry-leading Market Makers, this does not mean guaranteed volume but rather the market is supported to create healthy trading environments. You can read more below about the purpose of Market Makers.


Reputable market makers work to mainstream a tight spread. The benefit is to facilitate low friction for market participants when entering and exiting.

Order Book Depth

Reputable market makers work to provide sufficient liquidity in the order books within certain ranges. The benefit is that large traders can accumulate tokens without having too much price impact which in turn encourages them to actively trade and gives market participants confidence in the order book.


Reputable market makers work to help organically reduce the occurrence of violent spikes or severe drops between days. The benefits are that the price displays integrity and manipulative trading intended to increase volatility can be reduced.

In summary, our Market Makers works to promote and encourage authentic trading activity for BCVT by helping to create a healthy market and reduce the occurrence of unethical activities such as wash trading, artificial manipulation and other events which might deter certain traders and token buyers.

Thank you for your interest in BCVT, we are looking forward to what the future holds for all market participants, token holders and the project at large. Rest assured, BitcoinVend have carefully considered each listing and chosen the above exchanges for strategic reasons that take into account different market participants and token holders from around the world.

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