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BitcoinVend Token (BCVT) Staking Offer

We are pleased to announce that our BCVT staking contract is now live.

In this article, we explain the fine details and guide you through how to stake BCVT but firstly, why would you stake BCVT?

The benefits of staking your BCVT

12% APY (Annual Percentage Yield), and

GOLD Membership in the app*

*To qualify for GOLD Membership, you must be staking at least 5,000 BCVT.

GOLD Membership means you won’t pay fees for anything. No fees on marketplace transactions, no fees when paying merchants and no fees when exchanging your crypto! Scroll to the bottom to learn how to claim GOLD Membership when the app goes live.

Furthermore, by staking tokens you contribute to a reduction…

BitcoinVend is happy to announce our official exchange listing schedule.

Here we provide the dates, name the exchanges, and hopefully demonstrate that we want to build a large global community with strong trading opportunities for BCVT.

Each exchange listing will include marketing activities with each of their respective communities including giveaways and trading competitions in some venues.

Listing Schedule

BCVT is already trading on UniSwap and Bilaxy. In addition to these exchanges, we will be listed on the following exchange throughout May.

You can sign up for Bilaxy here.

Thursday 13th — Bitmart

Bitmart has over 600,000 daily users, 2 Million registered…

It is our pleasure to announce that BCVT token holders will be able to stake their tokens.

Why should you consider staking your BCVT tokens?

As you are aware, when tokens are staked the supply is temporarily reduced which can have interesting impacts on the token market. However, what you will be keen to find out is exactly what´s on offer and the specifics.

Lock Time & Rewards

The lock time will be 180 days (6 months) and holders who chose to stake their tokens will be rewarded with 6% at the end of the 180 days.

BCVT holders will be able to:


After a successfully token sale in collaboration with TrustSwap, BitcoinVend carried out a Token Distribution event on March 1st.

All TrustSwap launches require the token issuer to lock tokens for some time, usually for a minimum of 30 days. The purpose of this is to limit the supply of tokens available in the market.

As of today (April 27th), a small number of tokens are still vesting and the TrustSwap Farming Pool (where 1,000,000 tokens are available to those who stake SWAP is ongoing until the 8th of May).

With vesting, farming pools etc. the circulating supply increases slightly daily…

Bitcoin was invented to facilitate peer-to-peer transactions at a global scale, establishing a currency that could function without reliance on third parties. However, for a currency to have sustainable long-term value, one must be able to spend it easily on necessities or desirable items which so far has proven difficult, time-consuming and expensive for the average user.

For Cryptocurrency to see widespread adoption as a means of payment, people and businesses need a well-governed system in which to transact with speed, security, and ease. The ability to accept and process multiple Cryptocurrencies (without latency) is also important.

So far, attempts…

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